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Human Elements unlocks optimal health, wellness and performance through natural and scientifically-proven nutraceuticals.

Performance is a team sport

From running your business to parenting to setting a personal best in your workout – you need a team behind you to support your efforts and help you achieve your goals.  Human Elements is that team.

Our Human Performance Collaborative is made up of a 3x Olympic gold medal winner, a 2x MLB All-Star/Golden Glove & Silver Slugger winner, the NBA's sleep expert, the top natural product researcher, a Navy SEAL Master Chief, and the top performance experts for Red Bull, the X-Games, the UFC, USA Swimming, and the Association of Surfing Professionals.

Discover why elite athletes and high performing business people trust Human Elements to optimize their physical and mental performance.

Natural Performance

Elite level performance through cutting-edge research. We use the highest quality ingredients to drive optimal performance with no side-effects.

NSF for Sport

Trusted by the best. NSF for Sport certification is the gold standard for the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, Ironman, and the Olympics, ensuring ingredient purity and non-contamination.

Safe for professional athletes and safe for you. Everything we promise and absolutely nothing else.


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