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Sleep Performance Program

The Sleep Performance Program was designed by Dr. Jason Kolber, a world-leading expert on the nervous system and human performance, trusted as the Performance Expert for the Arizona Diamondbacks (and formerly the Boston Red Sox), Arizona Coyotes, and Arizona State University.

The program runs for 30 days and comprises 2 key components: 1) a daily text journal, and 2) a library of sleep strategies.


Daily Text Journal

You will receive 3 texts per day. 2 in the morning asking your to rate how refreshed you feel and the quality of your sleep, and 1 in the evening sharing sleep strategies, tips, and reflective questions. Please respond to all three texts. On Sunday afternoons you will receive an additional text with a secure link to your weekly journal containing all of the daily questions and responses, providing an opportunity to reflect on your sleep behaviors and progress.


Sleep Strategy Library

Each evening text will be accompanied by a link to additional information containing video content about the sleep strategy and tip.

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