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The Doctor-Formulated Sleep Secret Trusted by Olympic and Elite Athletes

Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Introducing Human Elements REFRESH

With REFRESH you no longer have to rely on harmful addictive supplements, worry about if you will get sleep, or get frustrated when you wake up feeling fatigued, depleted, pessimistic, and groggy.


REFRESH….The Best In Class Natural Sleep Formula created by the top minds in human performance that will help those that need to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed to feel more optimistic and energized throughout the day. No crash! No addictive properties! No grogginess! Just Real Results.

If This Sounds Like You...

• If you are tired of having repetitive and ruminating thoughts that keep you from falling asleep?

• Maybe you find yourself having the ability to fall asleep, but suddenly waking up in the middle of the night tossing and turning with no rest in sight.

 • You wake up feeling depleted and it feels like you didn’t sleep at all.

 • Or perhaps you consistently feel low on energy.

Then you will need what I am about to reveal to you... My Refresh Sleep Formula was created to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed so that you feel optimistic and energized throughout the day.

Here’s why what you’re about to read will change your life.

Never before has there been such a potent sleep formula created that is nonaddictive, non habit forming, approved at the highest level of certification, and most importantly a sleep formula that actually does what it says and helps you get the most restorative sleep, without waking up feeling groggy, so that you can perform at your best.

What If I Told You That You Could Now Get the Best Sleep Of Your Life Without Waking Up Feeling Fatigued

Yes, you can now get the best sleep of your life without having to use harsh toxic chemicals, you know the ones found in the prescribed sleep medicines that have also been proven to lead to early onset dementia.

Before you start exclaiming, ‘that’s impossible!”... hear me out.

Through our proprietary NSF Certified Sleep Formula (Professional Sports Approved -MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Olympics, X-Games, etc.), I have discovered how high performing individuals like yourself can now fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling energized.

It took me and my team years of clinical review to refine our patent and potent sleep formula, but we finally did it.

 Our secret?…This is not a black out formula. This is a profound neurological support formula that creates greater physiological synergy, synchrony, and renewal for the body.

Refresh can help you heal, renew, and find rest, just like it has already helped hundreds of other customers do the same.

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped hundreds of elite professional athletes and high level executives turn sleep from a weakness to a super power.This is probably the reason why you can find the Refresh Sleep Formula in over 20 major professional sports locker rooms.

I can proudly say that we’re the BEST in the industry in helping individuals heal, restore, renew, and find balance through sleep (as far as I know!) —- our customers say so!

If you want to reach another level, have sustained success, and feel vibrant and optimistic by improving your quality of sleep..then you’re definitely at the right place!

"Sleep is key to my gold medal performances. When success is measured in tenths of a second, every advantage counts, and my competitive advantage is Refresh."

- Tianna Bartoletta

3x World Champion, 3x Gold Medalist, Long jump, 4x100m

What You Will Get With REFRESH

Get access to...

 • A product created by doctors & experts: The most profound synergistic formula that supports the nervous system so that you can unlock the highest quality sleep ever. 

A tested and proven formula:Refresh is third party tested, all of our potency is provable and documented, so you can ensure that what is on the bottle is in the capsule.

• A product that is dedicated to ethics and sustainability: We have sourced the most ethical and sustainable raw materials so that we provide the highest quality product on the market.

The Ingredients of Sleep

The secret is in the ingredients and how they work together to reset your nervous system for a great night's sleep.

Valerian is widely used to combat sleeplessness , anxiety and stress. This all natural remedy is derived from the Valerian root.

Passionflower has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and reduce insomnia patterns.

Ashwagandha is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce stress hormone levels(cortisol), and improve the general well-being of people who are under stress.

L-Theanine has been proven to help people fall asleep more quickly thanks to the relaxation boost it delivers. In addition, it boosts levels of GABA and other brain-calming chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

Poppy is known as "nature's sleep aid" as it reduces nervousness and is a natural pain reducer.

Hops' natural sedative effects can increase sleep time. It also helps to lower body temperature—falling core body temperature is one important physiological step toward sleep, and has been shown to reinforce the body's daily bio rhythms of rest and activity.

Rhodiola has been used in traditional medicine for many years, particularly in Scandinavia, and other cold, mountainous areas. Studies have shown that the herb can reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, anemia, and headaches.

Kava has been consumed in many cultures because it is known to relieve anxiety, restlessness and insomnia for centuries. Several studies have also demonstrated the kava plant's abilities as an anxiolytic agent which reduces anxiety and regulates activity of the nervous system).

Chamomile contains powerful flavonoids, a nutrient that has been proven to reduce inflammation, help with cardio vascular function, sleep, and relaxation.

LemonBalm is an herb in family used in traditional medicine as a sleep aid, digestive tonic, and it greatly promotes calmness and eases stress.

Melatonin reduces the level of hormones that help you stay awake.

How I’ve Created The REFRESH Sleep Formula To Get You Results

I’ve crafted Refresh to get you results and take you from struggling with your sleep patterns to utilizing Sleep as a super power as you chase down your goals.

Refresh has helped many of my clients improve their sleep so that they can get a full nights sleep and wake up refreshed, hit the ground running full of energy, and accomplish their goals in less than 10 days of taking our formula. I want to share a little about WHY our sleep formula works so much better than the other products you have likely tried in the past.

Here’s how the Refresh Sleep Formula is COMPLETELY different from the other sleep aids on the market:

#1 Our product helps the nervous system down regulate

 The synergistic blend that we developed uniquely helps people access a state of peace and gently drift off to sleep, access REM sleep, heal inflammatory response, and wake up feeling balanced and whole without the grogginess. 


#2 Refresh was formulated to help people feel emotionally less anxious and overwhelmed

 In order to access rested sleep, it is so important to have a quiet and peaceful mind. The ingredients in Refresh were all purposefully placed into our proprietary formula to ensure it helps you quiet the mind and reduce anxiety and overwhelm, so you can access this deep restorative sleep.

#3:Most sleep aids force the body into an almost unconscious state, where they have to recover from an overwhelming dosage and shock to the body.

Why would you try a product that claims to help you gain restorative sleep, but in reality is filled with toxic ingredients?  This is why we created Refresh to be all natural, non habit forming, non active, non drowsy, and gentle on the nervous system, endocrine, and lymphatic system.

As you can see, Refresh isn’t “just another option” for you to consider. We’re here to be the best.

We’re here to completely change the industry by creating a formula that:

• Helps you fall asleep naturally by down regulating the nervous system (science)

• Was formulated to help you feel emotionally less anxious and overwhelmed

• Was developed to ensure that we were able to help you get a restorative nights sleep, while avoiding the chemicals and toxins that are harmful to your overall well-being

If I can humbly say, in my personal opinion, I’ve yet to see a better solution that can help high performers, like yourself, gain restorative sleep that creates a competitive advantage along your journey towards success.

 And we’ve got the track record to prove it. 


This Is For You If… You Have Exhausted All Other Alternatives

You’ve tried prescription sleep medicine, high doses of melatonin, over the counter sleep aids, or the other magical sleep potions often advertised on the internet. It’s not really your fault, these alternatives don’t work because many of these aids cause the body to no longer generate their own proper chemistry, some are addictive, some negatively impact the nervous system, some aren’t tested or regulated, and some have been proven to cause memory loss. 

You’re tired of jumping from solution to solution and still finding yourself unable to get a restorative night of sleep that supports your health, wellbeing, performance, and goals. I have good news! Refresh will be PERFECT for you. Unlike all these alternatives that you have tried, we can actually get you RESULTS!

Designed By Our Human Performance Collaborative: The World's Top Human Performance Experts and World Class Athletes

Dr. Jason Kolber Who?

Hey, I am Dr Jason Kolber,  founder of Refresh sleep formula by Human Elements. 

It took me 7 years of intense focus and study as well as collaboration with the brightest minds in the nutraceutical space to develop and put together Refresh!

Here's a bit more about  me and why I am qualified to help you...

I am the founder of Human Elements and I have 22 years of clinical experience working in the trenches,  really inquiring into how I can radically increase peoples lives,  especially when it comes to rest and renewal!

I am a performance and Nervous System specialist for the Arizona Diamondbacks, The Arizona Coyotes, and I have had the profound privilege of serving with Arizona State University athletics for 15 years .

I have been so fortunate to work in Major League Baseball for the past 11 years, Arizona State University for 15 years  where I have had tremendous experiences serving Mens Golf, Women's Golf,  Women's Tennis, Women's basketball,  Mens baseball as well as the Mens gymnastics team. 

I have truly enjoyed working with the NHL for the last 2 years as well.

I have also had the honor of collaborating with elite players and leaders in The PGA and The LPGA for the last 15 years. 

In addition, my wife Dr Elissa Katz and I have been voted best of Ahwatukee/Phoenix 8 times! 

I have been a keynote speaker at the World Congress of Science and Golf and I had my research at Arizona State University published in conjunction with the World Congress of Science and Golf in collaboration with the brilliant leader inSports Science , Dr Debbie Crews.

 I am the co-founder of Living Inline,  where we have been in private practice for 22 years and where we focus on radically boosting resiliency and neurological synthesis for the most special people who seek a higher quality of life. 

I am so committed to giving you my absolute best when it comes to enhancing your life and health and achieving the NSF for Sport certification with our REFRESH sleep formula means so much to us as we have passed the strict certification process with flying colors to ensure elite athletes can safely rely on our clean products whether they are in MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA division 1 athletics or now the Olympics! 

I started on a journey to figure out how I could offer elite performers a natural solution to restful and deep restorative sleep and it feels so good to honestly say we cracked the code .

We now can proudly share that over 5,000 people have experienced the healing benefits of Refresh - natural sleep formula and every day I am motivated the importance of a truly good night's sleep.

Sleep generates healing , optimism and renewal and every single person I meet has room in their life for greater energy, resiliency and positivity. 

"I have watched Dr. J rise up in the game. Dr. J cares and gives his all and helps me be at my best! I trust him and you should too!"

Dustin Pedroia

4x MLB All-Star, AL MVP, 2X World Series Champ, and Future Hall of Famer

"Refresh helps me to relax and fall asleep quickly. There is nothing quite as nice as drifting off to sleep without tossing and turning. Often times, I sleep straight through to morning which is unbelievable for me. That is why I am on the auto-ship program and have a bottle of Refresh sent to me every month. It is a very natural feeling product that I don't want to run out of."

- Laurie M

"As an executive coach and former professional basketball player I closely monitor my performance. After 4 days of REFRESH my sleep tracker showed my REM sleep more than doubled from 10% to 22% and my deep sleep increased from 14% to 23%. I have so much more energy for my business and clients. I'm an absolute believer."

- Justin A

"I'm so blown away with my improvements in sleep and recovery I had to share my Whoop stats with you. After a single night on REFRESH my recovery almost tripled and my heart rate variability almost doubled - the number don't lie.

So glad I signed up for the monthly subscription because you have a customer for life!"

- Mike B

Improve Your Sleep Or Get Your Money Back

I am 100% confident that Refresh will give you everything you need to improve your quality of sleep.

 We run a purpose driven company and customer satisfaction is very important to us. No customer is too small to matter. We don't want to take your money if you are unhappy. 

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, contact me at within 30 days for a full refund.  

All the risk is on us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Till I Get Results?

Answer:This depends! We are unable to guarantee results for legal reasons - we can’t predict what you will do with Refresh. I can say this though - over the past months we’ve had thousands of success stories, many that you can view on  our testimonial page. In general, it is not uncommon for most customers to get results in less than 2 weeks. We do have high performing customers that take Refresh and follow sleep best practices and we’ve seen these people get results in as little as 7 days.

Do You Have A Money-Back Guarantee? / What If I’m Unhappy?

Answer:Yes, we have a no questions asked 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. All the risk is on us!

 Will This Work For Me?

Answer:Yes. If you're committed to improving your sleep and you’re wondering if Refresh will work for you - I've got news for you! You need to get your hands on Refresh as soon as possible. Our Sleep formula has been tested by some of the most elite athletes in the world, who often have extreme travel schedules, which impacts their sleep in a profound way. These elite high performers have found great success in using Refresh.  So if Refresh can help these elite athletes get a restorative night of sleep and wake up energized, we are confident it will support your needs as well.

 Why is this so affordable?

Answer:I know right, it is insane. This is because Human Elements is not a business that puts profits before mission. We created the Refresh sleep formula so that we have the opportunity to impact as many lives as possible by improving their sleep, improving their performance, and ultimately improving their life.

We also believe that you will purchase Refresh, receive a ton of amazing value from it, and come back for more (or gain an even bigger discount by signing up for our monthly subscription).

What Kind Of  Support Can I Expect To Get?

Answer:We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible for all our customers. 

 If you need support at any point, email us with your questions at We are just an email away! Alternatively, you can call us at (833) 894-5090 from 8am to 8pm on weekdays. 

You Can Do This!

You can do this! Waking up feeling rested and restored may seem impossible, but it is 100% worth it. Your quality of life just becomes so much better once you sleep through the night!

If millions of people around the world have been able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, WHY NOT YOU? This is possible for you, and by experiencing Refresh, you will gain access to the quality sleep that you need to feel energized without having to use caffeine, take medication, or just be exhausted all the time.  

I hereby give you permission to step up, take action, and say, “WHY NOT ME? I CAN have a great nights sleep” Because you CAN do this! I’ve helped hundreds of customers before you optimize their sleep, so you can too!

 You deserve this! Let’s get started right now on your journey to get quality sleep that energizes your life!

Are you ready to get an amazing night's sleep with Refresh?

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Better Sleep AND Better Focus

Now that you've discovered the secret to a great night's sleep, what are you going to do with all of that energy? Try Human Elements FOCUS, our all natural attention and memory formula.

For just $89.99 on subscription you receive a month's supply of both REFRESH and FOCUS, to help you sleep better and live better.

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